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High & Hard
Don’t let a little weed keep you down!
420 Health Concepts

Let High & Hard give you back your game. Conveniently packaged in two serving pouches take it with you anywhere you go so you are always ready for action. Want complete nutritional support so that you are primed and ready at all times? Take Chronic Wellness and Chronic Stamina and cover all your H’s. High, Happy, Healthy and Hard!
Nutritional Information
Nutritional Info

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  • Live High, Live Happy, Live Healthy
    420 Health Concepts

    Don’t let getting high bring you down. Enjoy life and let Chronic Wellness do the rest. Get high, be happy and stay healthy! For men take in conjunction with Chronic Stamina and give yourself that extra edge in the bedroom.
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  • Get up and STAY up!
    420 Health Concepts

    Get up and STAY up! Live your life and let Chronic Stamina give you the boost you’ve been looking for! For complete nutritional support take in conjunction with Chronic Wellness and be high, happy and healthy!
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